Custom Linear 35x90



Custom made to order, the Contessa Linear LP3590 range is manufactured here in Australia. The profile is available in continuous lengths of up to 3 meters. The system also features straight joins for lengths longer than 3 meters, angled mitre joins, T, X, Y and L junctions. LP30X30 profile is ideal for use as a surface mounted or suspended standalone luminaire or as a complete lighting system.

The profile can also be utilised to create free form closed or open shapes for example square, rectangular, triangular or other shapes.


 Profile   35mm W x 90mm H  (LP3590)
 Length   Continuous lengths of up to 3 meters or join / junction
 Material   Aluminium and PMMA






 Power (P)
  • 12 Watt / Meter (HE)
  • 18 Watt / Meter (HO)
  • 26 Watt / Meter (VHO)
 Lumen Output
  • 1800 Lumens / Meter (12W) CRI 80
  • 1800 Lumens / Meter (18W) CRI 90
  • 4000 Lumens / Meter (23W) CRI 90
 Light Source   Tridonic LED Engine - Board
 CCT (K)

  3000K (3K), 4000K (4K), 5000K (65k)

  (Tunable White 2700-6500K available)

 Input Voltage   240V 50Hz
 Output Voltage   Variable
 CRI   90+
 IP   IP20
 Beam Angle   120°
 Switching Options
  • On / Off  (STD)
  • Phase Cut  (PSC)
  • DALI  (DALI)
  • DSI  (DSI)
  • SwitchDIM (SwD)


Mounting Options

  • Wire Suspended - 1500mm or custom (WS) - Includes 2 x suspension wires with one acting as power cable
  • Rod Suspended - up to 1200 or join (RD)
  • Surface Mounted (SM)

How to Specify


(Example. LP3590/17/4K/BL/WS/2400-PSC) 

(Any other custom specifications to be included in the description e.g suspension length, joins or junctions etc)